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Letter from the coaches


First of all, we would like to thank you for supporting your child in their journey to become a wrestler. It is through your encouragement and love that they have found the motivation to step onto the mat and take on this challenge. This letter is meant to address a common issue that we see all too often—one that has driven many young wrestlers to abandon the sport entirely—the "parent coach.”

While we appreciate your support and involvement in your child's wrestling journey, we want to make it clear that it is our job as coaches is to handle the coaching and criticism—not yours. We understand that you want to see your child succeed, but we ask that you trust our methods and refrain from coaching or criticizing your child before, during, or after practice and competitions—leave it to us coaches.

Instead, it is your job as the parent to focus on loving, supporting, and encouraging your child—win or lose. This role is incredibly important and your love and support are essential to your child's success in this sport. No one can fill this role but you, and it must be filled.

If this concept is something that you struggle with, don’t feel bad. We are all parents, too, and we know exactly what it is like to watch our own children out there on the mat. Please feel free to approach us anytime for tips or suggestions on keeping your inner coach at bay! No judgements. Thank you for entrusting your child to us and for allowing us to guide them in their wrestling journey. We look forward to seeing them grow and develop as athletes and as individuals, and to having more family in the Lionheart pride.


The Lionheart Youth Wrestling Coaches


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